TESTIMONIES / Témoignages

Below are only a few of the artists who have come here as this website is not very old… but more to come for sure! However, these last years, at the end of summer we tried to do a presentation of all the residents that summer, which might give you an idea too of the range of persons who come here… Spring/Summer 2014 Residences; Spring/Summer 2016

Seulement certains des artistes qui sont passés par ici sont présent ici… notre site n’est pas très vieux! A la fin de l’été, nous tâchons à présent de faire une présentation des tous les artistes venus durant la saison de résidence, lisez le si cela vous intéresse car cela pourrait vous donner une idée de la diversité de nos résidents… Eté 2014 Résidences; Printemps/Eté 2016

AUSTRALIA – Lee Bethel, a paper and encaustic artist was a recipient of a Unesco residency with us, check out her website here.


AUSTRALIA – Linda Bowden, was a recipient of a Unesco residency with us in 2005, check out her website here.


AUSTRALIA – Jan Dunlop stayed at Fourwinds 3 weeks in May 2016, then we received this email: « Exciting news today – the delivery van came up our driveway with the box containing all my art work with all intact and no damage at all. Amazing to see it all here at home and I love it still!
Many thanks for your help with my art and our stay with you. Jim and I are both very grateful to you all for all the extras you did for us and for making us so very welcome. We loved our little cabin and feel a little overwhelmed with the responsibilities back home again. And we especially loved the cocktail hour and welcome meals etc….my stay and art immersion at Fourwinds was hugely beneficial. My task now is to organize framing for these works and to keep the progress going. I would like to try some larger work in a similar vein – maybe slowly trying a little colour.
However for the next 7 weeks I will be very busy with the completion of my 3 environmental installations for the Noosa Long Weekend Festival and have my first meeting with the other 2 artists in our group tomorrow.
Three weeks was not long enough, but wonderful.
Thank you Vianney and Sabine, Ursula and Jan.

HOLLAND – Katinka Fennema, an Art historian and professor, enjoys a stay here on a regular basis.

USA – Judy Kramer is a recidivist at Fourwinds… coming here virtually every summer. Check out her great website here.

JK007 copy

USA – Peter Frantz‘s testimony here

JAPAN – Chihiro Kondo

USA – Linda Manguiat came in the Summer 2014, and had in mind to let the lights and landscapes of Van Gogh inspire her. She found us through Artistay and send them a lovely testimony: « Thank you very much for your help in locating the perfect Artist Residency for me. The residency at Ateliers Four Winds was an excellent location in Provence. The hosts of this residency, the sculptor Ursula Hanes, and Vianney are very, very nice and helpful. The lodging was great, not to mention the pool you can jump into after a day of painting. The studio they provided was an excellent space for painting.  I recommend renting a car during the residency to take advantage of your location as we did. I painted in Arles, St. Remy, The Camargue region, St. Tropez, as well as at the olive groves and Alpilles surrounding the residency location. I worked hard painting during the days and enjoyed the outdoor cafes in the evenings. The end of my residency coincided with an open house event for the community at Ateliers Four Winds, so I was also able to exhibit my work. The artist residency at Ateliers Four Winds was an excellent and memorable experience. Thank you. » Linda (and Kevin)

SPAIN – Pablo Picasso who would have so much loved coming to Fourwinds but unfortunately stopped short of a few kilometers to enjoy a corrida in Arles

image1959_areneswith Jean Cocteau (FRANCE) who was perhaps filming then his Testament d’Orphée in the quarry of the Baux de Provence. LOL

USA – Cass Shaw, an American painter and one of our first teachers at Fourwinds wrote this: « The dream that was the Fourwinds became a reality through the steadfast effort of two women, Ursula Hanes and Donni Buffalo Dog, both working artists. Since its inception it has been a place where the unique atmosphere of creativity and comradery buzzes and hums. Everyone who comes there to do their own work, take lessons or simply visit and look around is affected by it and most often returns. It is a place about art and about artists at no matter what stage of interest or accomplishment.

That, in itself, is unique. »

Cass Shaw, peintre américaine et l’une des premières enseignantes de Fourwinds, écrivait ceci : « Le rêve qu’était Fourwinds est devenu une réalité grâce aux efforts soutenus de deux femmes, Ursula Hanes et Donni Buffalo Dog, toutes deux artistes. Depuis l’origine, c’est un lieu où résonne et vibre une exceptionnelle atmosphère de créativité et de compagnonnage. Tous ceux qui viennent ici, que ce soit pour travailler, pour prendre des leçons ou simplement pour visiter, sont sensibles à cette ambiance et, souvent y reviennent. C’est un lieu qui tourne autour de l’art et des artistes qu’elles que soient leur démarche et leur implication dans la création.
Cela, en soi, est unique. »

Cass Shaw

RUSSIA – Larissa Tokmakova is a Russian painter who discovered Ateliers Fourwinds in 2000, and returned for her second residency in 2003.

She studied painting in Moscow from 1987-1991, and has exhibited in Europe, the United States, and South America. In 2002 she taught oil painting at Hebei Academy in China. She now lives in New York. tokmakova.com

« Fourwinds is an ideal place for generating new work. The atmosphere is intelligent and serious, there is as much solitude as you need–everything is designed around the artists and their work. »


AUSTRALIA – Libby Valentine shared: « This experience has been one I will remember and cherish for years to come – a lovely, gentle reminder of the importance of being still enough to hear what is there and the wonderful spaces to bring to fruition what emerges. Thank you for your warm and caring welcome and hospitality and for continuing to provide what Atelier Four Winds needs for other to be inspired… I will be back and this time for much longer! »

FRANCE – Lorna Vanparys shared for a long time one of the studios here on an on-going basis, we asked her for a few words… » Remembering my many years of painting daily in my studio at Four Winds, I never forget the smell of the pine trees, the beauty of the olive groves in the countryside, the candlelit studio dinners with so many international and eclectic artists. But most important is the calm of the place, private and completely dedicated to providing all artists a personal space for reflection, innovation, research and the sharing of ideas, an ideal environment for serious art making. »


Janell Wysock

2016:  Discover how Janell Wysock did a crowdfunding to get herself here and meet Emma Rochester for a weaving project


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