Saison d’été / Summer Season 2016

img_652224 weeks, 24 artists in residence (plus two partners), ten nationalities + three workshops and an exhibition… Season 2016 has been busy indeed! And so lovely… We here, the permanent ones, have all felt (and were told too which is very pleasant) that the artists staying this summer really made interesting (or even life changing) shifts in their works and creative vision… For us, this is our biggest reward and we are very grateful to them for sharing their work, their passions, their enthusiasm with us and other residents in this blessed place… all our lives feel enriched and our souls nurtured!

24 semaines, 24 artistes en résidence (plus deux conjoints), dix nationalitiés + trois stages et une exposition… la saison 2016 a été bien remplie! Et si charmante… Nous, les résidents permanents avons tous ressenti (et on nous l’a aussi souvent dit ce qui fait très plaisir) que ceux qui sont passés par ici cette année ont fait des découvertes importantes (et pour certains véritablement essentielles) dans leur travail et leur vision artistique… Ceci, pour nous, est notre vraie récompense et nous leur sommes très reconnaissants d’avoir partagé ainsi avec nous et les autres résidents dans ce lieu voué à cela, leur travail, leurs passions, leur enthousiasme… toutes nos vies en ont été enrichies et nos âmes nourries!

Our thanks go to Christine Read Australia who produced some beautiful paintings of the area, Jan Dunlop (and lovely partner Jim) Australia who was brave enough to introduce 3d in her 2d works for the first time with astonishing results, Jill Douglas who organized here 2 fun workshops for her painting students in L.A.: Vivian, Carol, Ann, Jenny, Sam, Roxanne and our very own Lynda (and has decided to move here… beginning in a few weeks in our flat), to Emma Rochester Australia and Janell Wysock U.S.A. who met here to laugh (I think so anyway as I can’t explain it otherwise) and start a weaving project about mountains (carrying loom and all at the top of the Alpilles!), Ed Nadeau (and the delightful Pam) from the U.S.A. who nearly moved here they loved it so and walked away with recipes from our fab butcher and many many sketches and photos that Ed is now turning into paintings, Emma Rochester again but with another hat as she decided to stay on until January to paint and write her PhD here, Rahima Jackson from Australia (down the road from us there too funny) who launched into clay mixes unknown to her and produced such beautiful work she has ended with an exhibition in Avignon, Aida Revol from Paris who is a dancer and Sabrina Marsili from Italy who is an comedian met here to birth a choreography that we staged -in its « work in progress » stage- around the pool one sweet summer evening, David Marchandise Belgium and Zuzana Hudackova Slovakia our newlyweds of the season who are looking for a place to settle David’s potting wheel and Zuzana’s photography displays and yoga classes…  wanted to test Provence and only time will tell where they will drop their bags & make roots, Katinka Fennema Holland, faithfully returning here for the 14th consecutive year to battle with her chunks of wood and turn them into elegant finished sculptures, Rachel Crozier U.K. who came to do some landscape photography and arrived (quite pale!) in the middle of the worst autumn heat wave… she braved the elements and brought back some pristine views of the our village and our hills, Eveline Kuhlman from up the road in Avignon came for Ursula’s autumn stage but wanted to extend it into a more full on experience by staying here and last -but not least- the first two residents from our new residency partnership with the Ville d’Arles: Anna-Eva Berge and Fabrice Leroux who made the most interesting light/sculpture installations in one of the studios… very exciting!

Good bye lovely people, its been a delight meeting you all, let’s keep in touch and do come visit / play in the studios if in our area again… The Gods permitting…  Fourwinds should still be there! Ursula, Jeanne, Sabine and Vianney 

Nous avons toujours été tristes de vous voir partir mais ravis que la vie nous ait fait nous rencontrer… revenez nous voir en visite ou pour une autre pause artistique… Si les Dieux le permettent… Fourwinds ne devrait pas s’être envolé!  Ursula, Jeanne, Sabine and Vianney

As usual here, everything always begins and ends with a glass of rosé…
Still, can’t resist one last lovely one of our canal by photographer Rachel Crozier!

©Rachel Crozier.png


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