Residency (Eng)


The Ateliers Fourwinds offer, from mid April till end of September, up to 4 separate residences on the premises. Residencies can be as short as two weeks (a minimum duration for something of interest to really happen in your work) and as long as you wish within these dates.

The emphasis at Fourwinds is placed on new discovery and the process, not on rules & regulations. Although we do ask artists to share beforehand their project for the residency and try and encourage them to come up with a clear idea for what they want to achieve while they are here (as we have often found that useful to them), we do not expect specific outcomes or review final results as we understand anything could happen while on residence and we value what might arise during this nourishing and free unfolding. If you would like to know more about the spirit of Fourwinds’ residency program, please click here.


The studio building is composed of four large studios and artists are provided with a working space within these open studios and are welcome to use our easels, field easels, basic tools, large tables, etc. We try to adapt which space is allocated according to your project here with us. If you have specific needs, please let us know at the time of your application so we can best fit you in with the other artists and we do reserve the right to refuse an application if we deem it unsuitable for our space.


  • SCULPTURE: clay, plaster, wax, and limestone from local quarries. There is a bronze foundry two hours away by car. Ceramic sculpture can be fired in our ceramic studio. Our electric kiln fires at 1000 degrees (no glazing). Chamotte clay is available for purchase on the premises and we have a good enough art store about half an hour from here where you can get most general art supplies. If you were after something specific, you can order when you arrive or prior to your arrival online and have it delivered here.


  • PAINTING & DRAWING: easels, field easels, tables, etc. and (if you’re lucky) a few left over art supplies. As we run sculpture and life drawing classes all year long we can also recommend some local models if you needed one.
  • Any other practice that requires only the above is also very welcomed here… Over the years we have had the pleasure of receiving mural, paper and textile artists, composers, writers, architects, jewellery makers, art historians, etc.


A permanent artist will always be available for consultation and discussion if desired (we are all bilingual French/English here). There is also an extensive library of Art, art materials and technique books available to all.


Our four residencies can only cater for 4 separate visiting artists at the same time (+ their partners). So that if you are a group and willing to share the rooms and studio space, 8 would be our absolute maximum, although cheap lodgings exist in the nearby village. If you would like to have the details of available accommodation, prices etc. please click here.

We make every effort to make our artists feel comfortable and « at home » during their stay here. If you think Fourwinds might be your kind of place and you would like to make it your working base in Provence for awhile then apply for a residency, just click here!

We look forward to hearing from you

PS If you would like to know more about the area around Fourwinds and our lovely village, please go to Aureille.

PPS We strongly recommend you rent a car to enjoy the beautiful surroundings, go to markets in the villages (a different one every day), enjoy the culture that abounds all around or even follow Van Gogh in his tracks. However, if you do not wish to do so, we are happy to pick you up

  • at the nearest airport, Marseilles-Marignane (fee €40 one way)
  • at Avignon TGV (fee €40 one way)
  • or Arles (fee €30 one way) train and coach station.

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