Residency application

Have you made up your mind to treat yourself to a residency at Fourwinds? If so this means we might be living together for awhile soon! So, please make sure you read about The spirit of Fourwinds’ residency program and feel good about our values and happy to share our approach… then send us an email ( with

1) A presentation of yourself, your medium, some pictures of your work and/or a link to your website
2) A short description of the project you wish to work on during your stay (please let us know of any specific needs as we would like to receive you as best as possible and also some techniques/media might not be suitable for the space)
3) Ideal dates for your residency (between April 1st and 30th September)
4) Type of accommodation you wish, will you be alone? with a partner? a fellow artist? a group?
5) Do you intend to rent a car? Are you expecting us to come and pick you up at Marseilles (Marignane Airport), Avignon TGV or Arles train station?

Should you have further questions, please feel free to include them too.

Maybe… à bientôt