The spirit of Fourwinds’ residency program


Both professionally mature and emerging artists need periods during their lives in which they can isolate themselves from the interruptions of daily life and the frantic state of today’s world. Even for the professionals this is often hard to find in the studio as daily obligations or responsibilities beckon and interrupt the creative flow. Here, over the weeks, the artistic process can run its course freely through the ups and downs, the insecurities, the doubts and then on to the finding of new solutions, the unfolding of new ideas, new visions.

Each individual has their own method of working and we totally respect this. One of the basic objectives here is to create a safe, free, respectful and friendly space. We strive to protect you from outside interference but also to insure that the dynamics of the ever changing community offer each artist the space and the privacy needed.

This does not mean that there is no social life at Fourwinds! In fact, community meals, exchanging ideas, excursions to exhibitions/markets, etc. take place all the time, but these things are instigated by the artists-in-residence themselves…. and with no obligation to participate.

We truly believe that the contact between artists living together and working separately is in fact extremely important and one of the bonuses of being here rather than alone in one’s studio. Exchange of ideas brings about a ‘fertilization’ which often leads to ‘catalyzation’ in the work. However, feedback, (constructive!) criticism or advice on the work of any artist is given only when asked for; if and when artists themselves feel the need of support in their determination to delve deeper into their research. Suggestions for the need of a break from their work must too come from the inner need of each artist as only he/she subconsciously knows what is needed to take the project forward. Basically we do not interfere and hope to create the optimum environment for you to work as you desire.

A residency at Fourwinds is for artists what a retreat is for Buddhists…. a time of ‘search-for-self.’ Buddhists do it through meditation. Artists do it through their work. This is the reason artists choose to come here and perhaps also the reason that many of them return regularly.


A little PS about bringing your partner to your residency… We have nothing against your partner (in fact at this stage we probably do not know him or her!) but we have seen time and again that for most artists a residency time seemed richer if done alone… new routines can come about; meal times get more flexible and less invading; chatter ceases and the muse has a bit more silence to murmur in your ear… But again, entirely up to you!